The Medical Pavilion























The foundation is forming for our 63,000 square foot three story medical office building. The Medical Pavilion is scheduled to open in February 2021. This state-of-the art facility will be home to Alamogordo Surgical Associates, Champion Orthopaedics, White Sands Women’s Health and
Alamogordo Cardiology. We are continuing to recruit medical staff to meet the needs of the community however our current facilities are full.

We will be under construction in different locations of the campus through spring of 2022. The emergency department is expanding by 8000 square feet and the current space will receive complete renovation. Champion Cancer Center will expand by 2000 square feet with some renovation to current space. We do not anticipate a need to close any services throughout the construction period.

There will be approximately 150 people employed during the height of this construction project. We will keep the community informed of major changes that effect entrance and access to services. If you have questions about any services during the construction process, please contact
Lillie Lewis at 575-443-7850 or