After Surgery

After your procedure

You may spend thirty minutes to one hour in the recovery area after surgery. The length of your stay will depend on how long your operation/procedure takes and how long it takes you to recover from the anesthesia. A staff member will notify your family when you are moved to the recovery area. A family member may be able to visit with you during this time.

Your physician will provide specific instructions to help you continue your recovery at home.

Again, it is vitally important for you to have someone available to drive you home after surgery. Even if your procedure was of a “minor” nature, the lingering effects of anesthesia and/or other medications as well as possible limitations to your mobility will make it unsafe for you to attempt to drive yourself.

  • If a problem arises after the surgery center closes, please call your physician’s office.
  • Surgical patients will receive a post-operative phone call from one of our nurses to check on your progress.
  • Help us evaluate our services. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with high quality personalized care. Please return the Patient Survey Form given to you when you leave our center, or complete online and send to us by email. If there are ways to improve our service, please let us know. Thank you.