Pulmonary Rehab Center

Individual Treatment Plan Designed for You

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at CHRISTUS Health is designed to tailor an individual plan for each participant.

After evaluations are completed, our medical team will discuss your needs and determine an initial plan of care and exercise for you to begin your treatment program.

When you come into our facility for your initial evaluation with our program coordinator, you will be provided questionnaires, our phone number and appointment dates for your rehabilitation sessions.

Education Sessions

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program sessions are approximately one hour in length and include discussion, video presentations and printed or written handouts. And of course, there will be time for you to ask questions- we encourage you to ask questions about your program. This allows us to better serve your needs.

The Education Sessions Include:

  • Respiration Physiology
  • Disease Management
  • Breathing Retraining
  • Exercise
  • Energy Conservation
  • Respiratory Medication
  • Managing Secretions
  • Oxygen Usage
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Use of Inhaler
  • Avoiding Irritants
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Warning Signs

Things You Need To Know

  • Rehabilitation sessions last approximately one hour and include warm-up, stretching, aerobic conditioning, strengthening and cool down. During each session you will be allowed to work at your own speed and tolerance at workloads prescribed by the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team. Your endurance will improve as you become conditioned in a safe and supervised environment.
  • A therapist will monitor your tolerance to exercise and make adjustments as necessary while the respiratory therapist monitors your oxygen level, vital signs, and assures that your breathing is under control.
  • Please notify us of any troubling signs or questions you might have, so your exercise can be adjusted approximately. We expect you to make us aware of any concerns that you have.
  • The rehabilitation staff will assist you in monitoring your heart rate and “rate of perceived dyspnea” during your exercise session to help you develop self-management techniques for use at home and after your program.

We Want You To Breathe Easy!

The goal of our entire Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team is to enable you to control your breathing. Our staff is focused on assisting you in maximizing the benefits of your treatment program.

We encourage you to ask questions and express your concerns so that our program will provide the benefit that you need.

Get in Touch:

Patient Tower
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Call: 575-443-2746