Joint Center

The Joint Center is an inpatient service of CHRISTUS Health

Our mission is to provide high-quality, top-service care to orthopedic patients not only in Otero County, but all counties of New Mexico. Our vision is to be the preferred healthcare provider for elective joint replacements in New Mexico and surrounding states.

To succeed, we have started the journey towards DNV accreditation and the invitation process to become a BCBS Distinction Center, beginning with developing the orthopedic unit and staff.

This unit is unique in that it is a shared-governance model of nursing and healthcare where membership participation is critical. Commitment toward the mission and vision is essential to developing a solid team. We expect that each team member will prioritize giving 100% toward quality and service in the care of their patients. The multidisciplinary team will work together to accomplish these goals.

Hours of Operation:

Open 24/7 for patients

Where is your pain? Click here to view animated illustrations of joint replacement >>