We are pleased that you and your physician have selected our hospital. Please take a few minutes to review this information concerning your outpatient surgery or procedure. You will come to the pre-admit testing area at least 48 hours prior to your procedure for pre-admission evaluation and special instructions.

Hours Prior to Your Procedure

  • Call 443-7505 (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.) to pre-register. You will be scheduled for an interview appointment with the pre-admit nurse at that time.
  • At the appointed time, report to pre-admit and bring this information and your completed health history form.
  • A nurse will review your medications, allergies, and any health problems. Procedural permits will be signed at this time.
  • Any test ordered by your physician such as blood, urine, EKG, or X-Rays may be done.
  • If necessary, a person from Anesthesia will visit you. Please be prepared to discuss previous anesthesia problems, fears, or concerns.

Before the Day of Your Surgery/Procedure

  • Make plans for someone to drive you home from the hospital and stay with you the first 24 hours.
  • You will need someone to assist with caring for your young children.
  • Be sure you have plenty of nonalcoholic drinks at home.
  • Parking – you may park in the front of the hospital.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight unless you are told otherwise.
  • Leave money, jewelry, and other valuables at home.
  • Remember that you are scheduled to arrive one hour before your procedure time or one-half hour before your endoscopy appointment. (You will report to the out-patient care unit).

After Surgery/Procedure

  • Family members may be with you in OCU except during procedure and Recovery Room time.
  • You will leave with written instructions about diet, activity, pain medicine, and care of surgery site.


  • Children must not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before their surgery unless specifically instructed by the doctor.
  • We suggest that you bring an extra set of clothes, diapers, formula, etc.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay with their child in the pre-op area and the recovery area. Parents may participate with the nursing staff in caring for their child.
  • Your child may be fussy and cranky after his surgery. For this reason, we ask that you bring another adult to assist in the driving on the return to your home.
  • Remember, children pick up on or mimic your fears. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.