Going Home

When your doctor decides you are ready to leave the hospital, a discharge order will be written. You may want to make arrangements with a family member or friend to help you when it’s time to go home. You’ll find below some important things to remember.

Checkout Time

On most units, checkout time is 12:00 midnight. Please make every effort to leave by this time. If you cannot, please notify your nurse so alternate arrangements can be made. You may be billed for extra time in your room, and this change is not covered by most insurance plans.

Personal Belongings

Collect all of your belongings and double-check closets and drawers. If you have anything stored in the hospital safe, notify your nurse at the time of discharge.

Discharge Instructions

Your doctor and your nurse will give you instructions about post-hospital care. If you have questions about your diet, activities, or other matters, please be sure to ask.

Escort Service

When you are ready to leave, a member of the hospital staff will escort you to Patient Discharge.

Continuing Care

Discharge planning occurs when you are admitted to the hospital so that your recuperation may be successful after your hospitalization.

Below are some questions that need to be considered for your continuing care.

  • Do you live alone?
  • Do you have stairs to climb?
  • Do you have relatives or friends in the area to help you after you are discharged?
  • Who will prepare your meals?
  • Will you need special equipment when you go home?
  • Will you need financial assistance?
  • Have you ever needed a visiting nurse before?
  • Will you need a visiting nurse or therapist at home?
  • Do you need assistance with daily activities?

If any of these questions concern you, you should speak with the Discharge Planner.

The Discharge Planner/Care Management

  • Helps design the post-hospital care plan that is best for each patient.
  • Coordinates education of family in giving care and treatments at home.
  • Provides information about post-hospital care services available in the community.
  • Helps with financial assistance by providing necessary information about Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, AFDC & Food Stamps as well as other resources in the community.
  • Consults with your physician to determine the type of post-hospital care best for you.

Continuing Care Team

  • Patient
  • Physician
  • Nursing Staff
  • Discharge Planner
  • Pharmacist
  • Dietitian
  • Physical Therapist

You are a major part of the team. Do your part and make other members aware of your situation before your discharge so everything can be arranged to help ensure a safe and sure recovery.