Financial Arrangements

Price Transparency

This shoppable and all services price list is based on information we have gathered from our claims and insurance payment files. This is not a guarantee of what you will be charged. Your actual charges may differ from the estimated charges for many reasons, including the seriousness of your medical condition, actual time the procedure takes and the services and supplies that you receive. If you have insurance, your benefits will ultimately determine the amount you owe (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums). The shoppable or all services price list was developed to help you determine the potential cost for services only. If you proceed with services at CHRISTUS Health, you may be given a new estimate with more accurate cost and out-of-pocket information. Please contact CHRISTUS Health for more information. CHRISTUS Health shall not be liable for any difference between charges listed in the price lists and the final bill for services. You may be eligible for financial assistance under CHRISTUS Health financial assistance policy. Financial hardship is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Patient Price Search Tool


A qualifying uninsured patient is eligible for financial assistance for medically necessary services received at the Hospital. For more information please contact our Financial Services Department at 575-443-7402 for assistance or visit Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy – English Financial Assistance Application – English Financial Assistance Summary – English Financial Assistance Policy – Spanish Financial Assistance Application – Spanish Financial Assistance Summary – Spanish In-Network Providers – CHRISTUS Health


For an elective medical-surgical admission or maternity admission, we ask for a deposit before or upon admission. You are required to pay the balance in full within 30 days unless you make special arrangements through a Financial Counselor. All self-pay patients could be eligible for discounted services. Please discuss details with your Registration Interviewer or contact a Financial Counselor.


During your stay at CHRISTUS Health, your hospitalization and services will be reviewed to assure that the services provided can be provided to you only as an inpatient. Federal and State laws mandate that this hospital review be done. Some insurance companies also review or contract with other agencies to review for them. Third party payers do not want to pay for hospital care that is unnecessary. If our reviewers feel that there is a possibility of retrospective denial, you and your physician will be notified. This notification is not a notice for you to leave, but to advise you that you are at risk regarding reimbursement by your insurance carrier. As a reminder, you are ultimately responsible for payment of your hospital bill(s).

Commercial Insurance

Policies vary according to the company and type of insurance you have. You must verify your benefits with your insurance company before your admission or during your stay if you were admitted for emergency treatment. Your insurance plan may require that you contact their office to obtain pre-authorization for admission to the hospital. The plan will impose penalties or even deny any payment for the hospitalization if you fail to do so. Details are available from a Registration Interviewer.

Third Party Liability (MVA, Dog Bites, Etc.)

In cases involving insurance, the hospital will look to you for payment regardless of the circumstances. To assist you, we will file a claim with the insurance company; but the ultimate responsibility for pursuing the claim and for payment is yours.

Worker’s Compensation

Your carrier will be billed directly only if you are injured on the job and your employer’s insurance carrier verifies payment of your hospital charges. You will not receive a bill from the hospital unless your workers’ compensation denies the claim. The hospital will then look to you for payment of the account.

Emergency Department Visits

For an emergency department visit, you will be asked to pay the copay or deductible amount if you have insurance. If you have no insurance the amount you will be asked to pay depends on the level of care for your visit. You are required to pay prior to discharge. Please discuss details with your Registration Interviewer.


Benefits are subject to your payment of a deductible, and your plan may also provide for a cost-sharing co-payment. Please arrange with a Registration Interviewer to pay these amounts at the time of admission. Remember, a “non-availability” statement, referral, and prior authorization might be required.


This medical assistance coverage is sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Health and Social Services. You can obtain detailed information through the Department of Social Services in your county of residence. Details are available from a Financial Counselor.


Generally, Medicare will pay your claim, except for your current deductible which we ask that you pay on admission (unless you have supplemental insurance which will pay it). Physician charges not covered by Medicare or your supplemental insurance are your responsibility. Your Medicare is divided into the following three different categories according to days covered: Sixty full days: You are fully covered for a semi-private room and ancillary charges for sixty medically necessary benefit days. Thirty Co-insurance days: This extends your coverage beyond full days. Currently, Medicare will pay all ancillary charges and a semi-private room rate except for a per day coinsurance amount, which you or your secondary carrier are required to pay. **All inpatient rooms at CHRISTUS Health a private room except for Behavioral Medicine. There is NO additional charge for the private room. Sixty lifetime reserve days: These days are used only in the event you have exhausted all other benefit days. They are not reusable and their use requires your specific authorization. You will be asked to sign forms to indicate your preference. Use of these days will require that you or your secondary carrier pay a deductible per day.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Coverage varies according to the type of policy you have. Your plan may require pre-authorization for hospital admission. The plan will impose penalties if you do not obtain this prior to admission.


Coverage varies according to the type of policy you carry. Your plan may require a referral from your PCP (Primary Care Physician), and you may be required to notify them within a certain time frame. The plan will impose penalties if you do not obtain this prior to admission.

Your Hospital Bill

Federal and state laws require physicians to bill you separately from CHRISTUS Health for services they perform while you are in the hospital. This means that you, your health insurance carrier, or Medicare, may receive as many as five or six bills for a single hospital stay. Many of these bills will come from physicians whom you did not see face to face, physicians who work behind the scenes to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your illness. They include emergency room physicians, radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, and neurologists. Although you will receive more than one bill, please remember that you will not be paying for the same thing twice. Your bill from the hospital reflects charges for the use of the facility, equipment, personnel, and supplies. The physicians’ bills reflect charges for specialized services which were ordered by your attending physician. As before, you will also receive separate bills from your attending physician and any consultants who participated in your care. We realize that separate billing may be inconvenient, confusing, and frustrating to you. We are in total sympathy with your feelings. We did not ask for this arrangement, and neither the hospital nor the physicians will receive added benefit from it. The billing system was imposed on us by federal and state regulations which we are required by law to follow. There may be separate payments for those services not included in the hospital portion of the billing from your insurance carrier. Please call Patient Financial Services (575-443-7400) for a Patient Analyst if you have questions. You can make a payment for CHRISTUS Health services through e-Payment.  You will need your account number to use this service.  If you do not know it please contact Patient Financial Services at 575-443-7400.

Your Bill for Outpatient Services

If you have insurance coverage you are asked to pay your co-pay or deductible on the day of the service. We will send a claim to your insurance. The Registration Interviewer will let you know your portion. If you have no insurance you are required to pay the balance in full. All self-pay patients could be eligible for discounted services. Please discuss details with your Registration Interviewer or contact a Financial Counselor. Patient Accounts Department is located in the hospital at 2669 N. Scenic Dr., Alamogordo, NM 88310. You can contact them Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 575-443-7400.