Gerald Champion Memorial Hospital Foundation was founded in January 22, 1986. The purpose of the foundation has been to offer scholarships for healthcare education to citizens of Otero County. Over the years, many students have benefited from the generosity of our foundation. Some of the foundation recipients continue to work at GCRMC.

In August 2014 the hospital celebrated its 65th anniversary . This is a success story for our organization and the community. This anniversary also marks a new embarkation for the Foundation. The challenges facing healthcare in America have been felt deeply in rural hospitals and are increasing each year. At Gerald Champion, we are blessed to be in a strong position to continue our mission for quality healthcare in our community.

We feel that this is an appropriate time to offer the opportunity to our community to support the continued mission of the hospital. The foundation has always accepted donations; however charitable support is more essential than ever as we move forward.

The Gerald Champion Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. GCRMC provide many services to the community that are uncompensated. Gifts to the foundation are tax deductible and utilized to support the mission of the organization.

More information about the foundation will be available in the near future. The foundation office is located directly off the main lobby.

For more information contact Lillie Lewis at (575) 443-7850.