Community Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Hospital Joining CHRISTUS?

Healthcare is facing difficult times and independent hospitals are challenged to continue in the current environment. This decision will secure the future of quality healthcare in our community.


  1. Is the hospital going broke?

No, GCRMC is in a strong financial position, which makes this a good time to enter this partnership.


  1. Who is CHRISTUS?

CHRISTUS Health is a large Catholic non-profit healthcare system, with hospitals and clinics in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and beyond U. S. borders in Chili, Colombia and Mexico.


  1. Will services change at the hospital or my doctor’s office?

No immediate changes in hospital or clinic services are expected. A careful evaluation will be done to assess the future needs of GCRMC and the community.


  1. Will the hospital become Catholic?

The expectation is that GCRMC will become a faith-based hospital.


  1. Will the hospital name change?

The name will change to reflect the new partnership. A decision on has not been made on the new name.


  1. Will there be layoffs for the staff?

Our employees are very important to this hospital no layoffs are expected.


  1. Why Is CHRISTUS interested in GCRMC and Alamogordo?

CHRISTUS St. Vincent is a thriving medical center in Santa Fe. The system is looking for ways to strengthen its healthcare presence in New Mexico. CHRISTUS has been successful in rural communities; GCRMC is an excellent opportunity to expand programs and service.  This is good news for Alamogordo.