Incoming Residents

We are thrilled to announce our newest group of incoming residents.

Thakur Shrestha, MD
PGY-1 Resident

I was born and raised in a remote area of the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. During my childhood, I experienced healthcare inequities that affected my community. Because of that, I understand the values of life and the importance of healthcare during times of scarcity, and I feel privileged by that. Those situations made me dream of being a physician so that I could provide health care in the health disparities community. That strong desire and determination took me all the way, and I got a full academic scholarship from the government of Nepal to go to one of the renowned medical schools, Tianjin Medical University. That was a huge transition in my life in terms of professional and personal growth. I got opportunities to learn in a multicultural environment and graduated with an excellent graduation award, which made me the first-generation doctor in my family and in my entire village.

After medical school, as I promised, I worked as a primary care provider in the health dispute communities, took initiative, and conducted community outreach programs to increase health care access to vulnerable populations by collaborating with non-profit organizations for more than five years. By seeing my dedication to patient care, work ethics, and leadership skills, I was appointed as Head of the primary health care center, Chief medical officer, Head of the COVID unit, and leader of the medical team in coordinating care for patients in the community. I chose to pursue a family medicine specialty because I realized the shortage of primary care providers in the rural community and wanted to provide healthcare access. In addition, I have enjoyed providing full-spectrum continuity of care to the patients, which further solidified my interest in this field.

During the interview and especially in my second look, I felt that I really connected with the community and had a sense of belonging to this community, and I feel blessed to continue my training at CHRISTUS Health, where the program focuses on making a better leader and a well-rounded community-minded family physician. I believe I can be a fully competent family physician who can help my patients achieve their personal goals, provide continuity of care, and advocate for health education in the community.

Apart from that, I enjoy playing soccer, playing the bamboo flute, watching Netflix, cooking South-Asian cuisine, and traveling to different places with my wife.

Grace Amoke, MD
PGY-1 Resident

Dr. Grace Amoke is from Enugu State, Nigeria. She secured her medical degree at the American International School of Medicine Guyana.

She cares about being at the forefront of the healthcare system to better serve and navigate her patients through their health journeys.

“I believe caring for patients should be a holistic approach because sometimes a little act of humanity is as important as treating an illness.”

Her hobbies include hiking, cycling, and trying out new restaurants.

Dr. Amoke has great interests in the community and preventive medicine and thus is thrilled to serve the people of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Quang Phuc Vu, MD
PGY-1 Resident

Dr. Vu was born and raised in Sai Gon, the capital city of Vietnam. Dr. Vu earned his medical degree at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in his home country and is the first generation in his family to become a physician.

During medical school, Dr. Vu participated in many charitable activities involving care for people in rural and underserved areas. Witnessing the shortage of healthcare access that led to many negative outcomes has driven Dr. Vu to continue working in underserved areas. After medical school, Dr. Vu worked as a primary care physician at a suburban hospital where he enjoyed interacting with his patients of all ages and learning the diversity of the patient’s cultures which consolidated his passion for Family Medicine.

Dr. Vu enjoys playing soccer, swimming, outdoor activities, and exploring off-the-beaten tracks in his leisure time. Alamogordo is an ideal place for him to do his hobbies.

Dr. Vu is thrilled and grateful to be a part of Alamogordo’s healthcare team and is dedicated to delivering holistic care and positively impacting the community.