Kathleen Hales, MD

Kathleen Hales, MD graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in one of the first classes in the primary care curriculum. She completed residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin rural program in Kenosha. Raised in the Silver City area, Dr. Hales returned to New Mexico in 1989 to practice family medicine. Since that time, she has been part owner of a primary care clinic, a locums provider, and the winter physician at McMurdo Station for the United States Antarctic Program. She joined the faculty of the Southern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency Program in 2005. She continues teaching and practicing family medicine because everyone needs a good doctor. She still practices full spectrum family medicine – from delivering babies who look at you with all the wisdom of the universe in their eyes to supporting people at the end of their lives – all in the context of patients’ families and communities. In her spare time, Dr. Hales enjoys reading, hiking, traveling and cooking. She also earned a Bachelor’s of Creative Media in digital film from New Mexico State University and is currently writing two screenplays – one for animated feature film and one for a science fiction TV pilot.