About Us

CHRISTUS Health is a private, non-profit organization that provides healthcare facilities for Otero and its bordering counties.

Mission Statement:

To be the organization where patients choose to come, physicians want to practice, and people want to work.

Vision Statement:

To be South Central New Mexico’s leading provider of affordable, high quality healthcare.

Our Values Statement:

The staff will take PRIDE:

PROFESSIONAL – Exemplify competence, integrity and respect when caring for patients and interacting with each other. We will govern our behavior to standards approved by this organization.

RESPECTFUL – Be responsible for their attitude, their behavior and their choices. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the Mission, Vision and Values and Goals of the organization.

INNOVATIVE – Actively support process improvement by embracing change, creatively approaching challenges and opportunities to improve quality, service, and reduce costs throughout our organization.

DEDICATED – Provide an environment of selfless service that welcomes patient involvement.

ENGAGED – Participate in initiatives and activities that promote a positive image of the organization and high quality at a low cost of care, and support our community.