Our Commitment to Service

While You Are in Our Care

  • The staff at CHRISTUS Health is committed to providing safe, courteous, professional service in a caring and respectful manner.
  • We will provide information to you and your designated family members graciously and frequently, with respect for patient confidentiality.
  • We strive to limit wait times. We will notify you of unexpected delays. Please feel free to ask if you have concerns about the length of your wait time.
  • While you are a guest of our facility, we will work to remove barriers that complicate the process of accessing care.
  • We realize your diet may vary during illness. Our goal is to prepare meals that meet your satisfaction, while adhering to your prescribed diet.
  • Recognizing the unavoidable discomforts of many illnesses, we will maximize our capacity as care givers to minimize pain & discomfort. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our services.
  • When you are discharged from our facility, we will provide you with written instructions to promote your recovery. We will work to educate patients and families in their healthcare needs.
  • Healthcare billing can be complicated and confusing. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the billing process.