GCRMC & Champion Orthopaedics welcome Dr. Drew Miller to our community!

Champion Orthopaedics is pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Drew Miller! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Miller to our community! Drew Miller, DO specializes in general Orthopaedic Care. He is trained in many aspects of orthopaedics including joint replacement, fracture care and sports injuries. Dr. Miller is a [...]

GCRMC & Champion Orthopaedics welcome Dr. José Alicea to the GCRMC Family!

Champion Orthopaedics is pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. José Alicea! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Alicea to the GCRMC Family! Dr. Alicea is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine (Knee), MAKO® Robotic Total Hip Replacement, MAKO® Robotic Total Knee Replacement. Residency: General Surgery and [...]

Our wound care team is your partner in wound healing.

Patients coming into our Advanced Wound Care develop close relationships with the staff. Although this may be a difficult time, the team at Advanced Wound Care is there for patients every step of the way. If you or a loved one has a wound, our center can help! For more [...]


Community Frequently Asked Questions Why is the Hospital Joining CHRISTUS? Healthcare is facing difficult times and independent hospitals are challenged to continue in the current environment. This decision will secure the future of quality healthcare in our community.   Is the hospital going broke? No, GCRMC is in a strong [...]

Community Notice

**Community Notice: The Rehabilitation Center of Alamogordo will no longer accept inpatients effective May 5, 2023. A number of factors have led to this decision to include low census, difficulty recruiting providers and demand for more medical/surgical beds. Patients in need of additional therapy will receive care on the medical [...]

New Podcast: Champion Diabetes and Nutrition Service

Shirley discusses diabetes education and general nutrition along with our new service line, Champion Diabetes & Nutrition Services. How a potential patient can get more information and schedule an appointment, and what benefits are there with this new service to our community. To listen to this podcast and more, visit [...]

New Podcast: Fracture Liaison Services at GCRMC

The Fracture Liaison Service is a care coordinated, multispecialty service championed by Orthopaedic Surgery. Our liaisons utilize the support of local healthcare providers as well as Champion Orthopaedics to coordinate with your primary care physician to improve your quality of bone health and clinical outcome. Listen to Dayna Pridgen, CNP's [...]

Congratulations to Advanced Wound Care!

Congratulations to Advanced Wound Care for achieving the RestorixHealth Clinical Distinction Award! Recipients of this award have demonstrated success by meeting or exceeding patient safety goals along with a 90% healing rate. Many thanks to the wound center staff for providing superior patient care! For more information about our wound [...]

New Podcast: Champion Diabetes and Nutrition Service

Denise Giroux, Registered Dietitian & Diabetes Educator with Champion Diabetes & Nutrition Services, a department of Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, discusses diabetes education to help our community understand the importance of making lifestyle changes to improve and manage their A1C and blood sugar control and help prevent complications. To [...]

Our CCHWs at Community Connections are here to help!

Our Certified Community Health Workers (CCHWs) at Community Connections can help link you to community programs, resources and services. If you are in need of help, finding assistance for gas or electricity bills, finding ways to improve your health or would like to get diabetes self-management education and support - [...]

Welcome back Dr. Sandra Grummert!

GCRMC and the Journey to Wellness clinic would like to welcome Dr. Sandra Grummert back to the GCRMC family! Dr. Grummert is a family medicine physician with over 50 years of experience. She has practiced in Alamogordo for over 20 years. Dr. Grummert will be providing outpatient care to patients [...]

New Podcast: Bariatric Surgery Program

To lose weight or to address certain health issues like diabetes. One option is bariatric surgery. Join Dr. Blair on our latest Champions for Wellness podcast as she talks about the bariatric surgery procedure. Dr. Blair explains who are the best candidates, what the surgery involves, and the benefits of [...]

Congratulations Champion Urgent Care!!!

Congratulations to our Champion Urgent Care clinic for achieving the designation of "Accredited Urgent Care" for a second 3-year UCA Accreditation! This designation affirms this center has met or exceeded all established standards for an Accredited & Certified Urgent Care Center with the Urgent Care Association, and also our commitment [...]

2022 PHIL Award Honoree: Alexis Gallegos

Alexis Gallegos is the 2022 recipient of the PHIL Award.  She is well-deserving and nominated by her colleagues, who wrote: “Alexis is compassionate, knowledgeable, easy going, smart, treats everyone with respect as well as me …”the traveler” not once has she ever hesitated to help.” - Lisa [...]